Monday, March 19, 2012

Impressions and student reports from the WRA visit to La Rabida Monastery in Huelva: "It was absolutely stunning"

Peter Thewissen: "Today we went to the monastery where the cross in the chapel came from. We listened to a beautiful Spanish church service and talked with a monk about the history of our cross. We had free time in Sevilla, and finished with a dinner of the tradicional spanish dish, tapas."
Alex Eliopoulos: "Hola!Today we sang in a monastery in Huelva; the same monestary that James Ellsworth got the cross that is currently hanging in the Chapel.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The sun was out, and the sky was bright blue all day. We had some free time downtown, and there was a medieval fair. It was very fun, and incredibly lively. Next, we spent some time in Sevilla, and got a little shopping done. It was also incredibly beautiful. Sevilla is definitely my favorite city in Spain."

Simon Boes" "Today we sang in the monastery where Christopher Colombus prayed for money before he departed. After posing with a monk for some pictures, we spent the next hour at a medieval festival! After that we returned to Seville and spent the next three hours wandering around the city. It was absolutely stunning!"

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