Thursday, March 22, 2012

Western Reserve Academy Europe travelers are homeward bound

We wish everyone a safe journey home and thank you all for following the blog. We hope that some of the travelers will share their stories and pictures here in the days and weeks to come. Danke und Wiedersehen from Sandra in Germany, Adios from Katia and Stefania in Spain and Portugal and All the best from our US based team as well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pictures from the WRA Farewell Dinner in Lisbon

Happy Birthday, dear Mr. Wiles, happy birthday to you!

Farewell to Lisbon: Western Reserve Academy impressions from Portugal

WRA group is now returning on United Airlines flights

Dear Parents,  due to the merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines, the flight schedule has been affected and the WRA group is now returning on the following UA flights. We hope, this makes it easier for you once they return. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012 United Airlines , UA 65 leaves Lisbon (LIS) at 9:15 am
arrives in Newark (EWR) at 1:32 pm. Here the group will clear immigration and customs.

Thursday, March 22, 2012 United Airlines,  UA 51 leaves Newark (EWR) at 4:38 pm arrives in Cleveland (CLE) at 6:20 pm. The arrival airport is Cleveland-Hopkings International airport. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First picture from finale concert: WRA sings at the Mirror Hall of Foz Palace in Lisbon

What a magical venue for the last formal concert of the 2012 Western Reserve Academy Choir and Ensemble Performance tour to Spain and Portugal: Under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Karam and Mr. Edward Wiles, the finale concert took place at the beautiful Mirror Hall of Palacio Foz in Lisbon on Tuesday, March 20. Incantato Tour Manager Stefania sent the above feature photo from her iphone. 
The neo-classical Palácio Foz was designed by the Italian architect Francisco Xavier Fabri and built shortly after the great earthquake in 1755, for the Marquês de Castelo Melhor. It was purchased by the Marquês de Foz in 1886 when it received the first of many facelifts. It now houses, among other things, the Headquarters of Lisbon’s Tourist Information centres and an art gallery. It is magnificently decorated on the inside and the ballroom features outstanding paintings by Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro (1857-1929), one of the leading painters of his generation and a master of realism in Portugal.

WRA student report: "We leave Spain and Portugal with a bang"


Today we crossed the Spain border and were welcomed to sunny Portugal. This evening we were able to perform at the Palaceo Fos in downtown Lisbon. This was our final concert stop and I feel it was our best concert yet! As we wind down our tour, We leave Spain and Portugal with a bang.
Best Regards,
Jonathan Depew

WRA student report: "Our best performance yet! We are loving Portugal!"


Today we arrived in Portugal and saw a beautiful view of the ocean and the river! It was beautiful! We walked around a main square in Portugal and saw the square where the king was killed! Portugal is beautiful with the stone sidewalks and beautiful old buildings. The style of the city is 1800's due to an earthquake that occured and ruined the old city. We had a wonderful performance at a palace, a small crowd but our best performance yet! We now currently are eating at a great restaurant on a beautiful park, we are loving Portugal!

Muchos Gracias!
Eleanor Mc Brier

Western Reserve Academy at Foz Palace in Lisbon

WRA student report: "It was a lot of fun to meet new friends"

Caroline Depew comments on the 2012 WRA Performance Tour: "The school exchange with the Conservatory was very fun! We walked into the room and everyone thought that we were rockstars. We had a tour of the School and on it we got to meet The younger kids who we found out knew the Same song as us, siahumba!  Then, we had a snack break and got to meet the kids and learn how to dance by one of the teachers! The concert also went really well and it was a lot of fun to meet some new friends!"

Monday, March 19, 2012

WRA student report: "Our trip keeps on getting better and better"

Emma Leonard comments live from Spain and the 2012 Western Reserve Academy Performance Tour: "From singing with Monks to talking with street artists, our trip keeps on getting better and better! Today we sang in the monastery in Rabida where the cross in the chapel came from and then we went to a medieval festival downtown. Everyone dressed in costumes and little kids were fighting with wooden swords. After that we spent free time in Seville and ended the day with delicious food at a tapas restaurant."

New pictures added to the WRA-Iphone-Album

WRA student report: "An amazing experience"

Chloe Cusimano sums up Monday, March 19, 2012 from Spain: "Today the group took a beautiful scenic ride From Sevilla to Huelva. The view of the sunset From The beach in huelva was outstanding. Afterwards we all had a delicious dinner at our hotel. The trip so far has been an amazing experience."

Home away from home: WRA arrived at AC Hotel Nuevo Portil Golf near Huelva

Marvellous hotel in HuelvaNow to mix it up even further, the hotel for the Western Reserve Academy travelers for Monday, March 19 near the town of Huelva offers the singers, musicians, their family and friends the opportunity to experience a very modern four star hotel that is also part of the Marriott brand family. The AC Hotel Nuevo Portil Golf is designed in neo-colonial style and situated on a golf course and surrounded by a Pine Wood. The idyllic Nuevo Portil beach, considered one of the most beautiful of the Huelva coast is a mere 150 meters away and while it may be still to cold to go for a full swim in March, we encourage you to dip at least your tows in the water. The guest rooms are decorated in a modern-functional style and feature air-condition, en-suite bathrooms, cable TV and internet access for a fee. There is also a gym on the premises and breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant "Nineteen". Upon arrival in the afternoon, the group decided to return to the town of Huelva for strolling and exploring. On tonight's dinner menu at the hotel restaurant are local specialties from the area. 

Western Reserve Academy in Huelva

Relaxing on the beach - Western Reserve Academy group is taking it easy

WRA visits La Giralda and bids farewell to Seville

Impressions and student reports from the WRA visit to La Rabida Monastery in Huelva: "It was absolutely stunning"

Peter Thewissen: "Today we went to the monastery where the cross in the chapel came from. We listened to a beautiful Spanish church service and talked with a monk about the history of our cross. We had free time in Sevilla, and finished with a dinner of the tradicional spanish dish, tapas."
Alex Eliopoulos: "Hola!Today we sang in a monastery in Huelva; the same monestary that James Ellsworth got the cross that is currently hanging in the Chapel.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The sun was out, and the sky was bright blue all day. We had some free time downtown, and there was a medieval fair. It was very fun, and incredibly lively. Next, we spent some time in Sevilla, and got a little shopping done. It was also incredibly beautiful. Sevilla is definitely my favorite city in Spain."

Simon Boes" "Today we sang in the monastery where Christopher Colombus prayed for money before he departed. After posing with a monk for some pictures, we spent the next hour at a medieval festival! After that we returned to Seville and spent the next three hours wandering around the city. It was absolutely stunning!"

WRA at the Chapel Of The Virgin de los Milagros

Western Reserve Academy's Anne performs at the La Rabida Monastery

Sunday, March 18, 2012

WRA student report: "Beautiful Spanish Church Service"

Peter Thewissen sums up the activities of Sunday, March 18 when the WRA travelers visited La Rabida Monastery in Huelva: "Today we went to the monastery where the cross in the chapel came from. We listened to a beautiful Spanish church service and talked with a monk about the history of our cross. We had free time in Sevilla, and finished with a dinner of the tradicional spanish dish, tapas."

Media coverage for WRA concerts in Toledo and Cordoba

WRA performances have been covered by many media in Spain and Portugal: from printed daily press to Cultural magazines, musical agendas and internet media.
Here you have some examples, sorted by concert and city.

ABC is one of the 3 most read newspapers in the whole country. 

20 minutos is the leader in free newspapers in the whole territory. You can find it everywhere.

EuropaPress accounts as the second most important News Agency in Spain.


Also many local media and music media

CORDOBA CONCERT: Now some of the links to Cordoba media:

The most important local newspaper, Diario de Córdoba, full new in the printed version, header in the web version - you can access if you log in as user...

WRA Tour I-Photo-Album: Candied shots of the singers, musicians, their family and friends

Thanks for your continued interest in the 2012 Western Reserve Academy Performance Tour that is currently taking place in Spain and Portugal. Together with the actual travelers, Incantato Tour Manager Stefania LaRosa, is doing her best to send daily updates in form of pictures and videos from Europe. While these candied shots may not be always perfect in quality, we hope you enjoy them nevertheless. Wishing you a happy Sunday from all of us at Incantato, Sandra Weinacht

See and hear WRA live from Spain

Incantato Impressions: Western Reserve Academy performs in Seville