Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First picture from finale concert: WRA sings at the Mirror Hall of Foz Palace in Lisbon

What a magical venue for the last formal concert of the 2012 Western Reserve Academy Choir and Ensemble Performance tour to Spain and Portugal: Under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Karam and Mr. Edward Wiles, the finale concert took place at the beautiful Mirror Hall of Palacio Foz in Lisbon on Tuesday, March 20. Incantato Tour Manager Stefania sent the above feature photo from her iphone. 
The neo-classical Palácio Foz was designed by the Italian architect Francisco Xavier Fabri and built shortly after the great earthquake in 1755, for the Marquês de Castelo Melhor. It was purchased by the Marquês de Foz in 1886 when it received the first of many facelifts. It now houses, among other things, the Headquarters of Lisbon’s Tourist Information centres and an art gallery. It is magnificently decorated on the inside and the ballroom features outstanding paintings by Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro (1857-1929), one of the leading painters of his generation and a master of realism in Portugal.

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