Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet your Incantato Tour Manager Stefania...

... as she dances the night away with Dr. McCarthy on the CSULB Incantato Italy Tour 2008.
Ms. Stefania LaRosa - who is welcoming WRA at Venice airport and traveling with the group until the departure from Rome - is a native of Civitavecchia, Italy and now resides in beautiful Florence. Stefania is an experienced tour manager and certified Rome guide. She has been with Incantato Tours from the very beginning and while she did take some time off from other assignements to complete her studies as certified local guide for Florence and the region, we are honored to have her aboard for all 2010 Incantato tours to Italy with the WRA's upcoming journey being her season opener. Stefania loves music, the arts, good food and she is the most stylish in our team.
Stefania's cell phone number is being provided to all tour participants, but we ask those of you remaining behind in the US or other countries to not contact her directly. If you wish or need to reach anyone on the tour, please send an email to and our European team will pass the information on and get back to you.

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