Monday, February 27, 2012

WRA will be featured in the choir for High Mass at Iglesia Colegial del Salvador in Sevilla, Saturday March 17th, 8 pm.

The Iglesia Colegial del Divino Salvador (Collegiate Church of the Divine Savior), will host the WRA group to celebrate High Mass on Saturday, March 17th at 8 pm.
Iglesia del Salvador, as it is usually called, is the second largest church in Sevilla after the Cathedral and is considered on of its most important temples. This imposing church is among the most visited monuments in the city.
This very place was always used for religious purposes: as early as during Roman times there was a Basilica here which was substituted by a Christian church in the IV century. Later on, in the Arab-dominated times, the Great Mosque was built on its remains and becoming the main mosque of Seville. The Ablutions Courtyard and the base of the tower are remains from the ninth-century Arab building.
The reconquest by the Christians converted it back to a Christian church and by 1340 the Parish Church of the Saviour was settled here. That building was substituted by the one you see today.
Construction work began in 1674 with architect Stephen Garcia and ended in 1712 with Leonardo de Figueroa. The interior style is Sevillian Baroque. It is decorated with sculptures and paintings by famous local artists:
- The main altarpiece, dating back to the 1770s, was done by Cayetano de Acosta

- The Christ's Love sculpture, by the very famous Juan de Mesa, dates back to  around 1620
- Paintings of St. Christopher by Martinez Montañes, 1597
- Sculptures of the Passion of Jesus, also by Martinez Montañes, 1610
Martinez Montañes was a very important artist, among the best of his time. You can find his sculpture in the square Plaza del Salvador, by the church.
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