Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Facts about Verona

  • Verona is the setting of the story of "Romeo and Juliet". Although the earliest version of the story is set in Siena, not Verona, a balcony claiming historical connection to the fictional lovers has become a tourist attraction for lovers.
  • Because of the value and importance of its many historical buildings, Verona has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The Roman city with its basalt-paved roads is mostly hidden from view it stands virtually intact about 6 m below the surface. Most palazzi and houses have cellars built on Roman artifacts that are unfortunately rarely accessible to visitors.
  • Verona is famous for its Roman amphitheatre, the Arena, completed around 30 AD, which is the third largest in Italy, after Rome's Colosseum and the arena at Capua. It could seat some 25,000 spectators!
  • A son of the city, singer Gigliola Cinquetti, brought Italy its first Eurovision Song Contest in 1964.
  • Verona was the town that Julius Caesar selected for his relaxing stays.
  • Verona has several partnerships and twinnings around the world. In the USA: Fresno and Albany.

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